Wreath of Our Life

The older people grow the better they can see that all diversity of the world can be brought together to only several simple ideas.
It reminds one of putting together some large mosaic picture. Each one makes his own picture.

When we were children, we saw so many various pieces all around us – we saw them separately, we didn’t even know they might be put together.
They flashed and gleamed all around like fragments of colored glass in a huge fantastic kaleidoscope and we just watch their restless whirling.
Then we tried to understand and explain what we saw and sometimes were offended by of grown-ups’ laughter at our explanations. We asked silly questions when we were small. Then we hesitated to ask other people because we didn’t want to be laughed at. Maybe sometimes we asked only our very close friends, but mostly watched the world around ourselves or read books. We learned then that there are not only gaily colored pieces in the kaleidoscope – but there are some sad and sorrowful, serious and rude ones.
We gave up thinking that all things in our world might or have to be known and explained, but there may be some eternal puzzles in it.

The longer we live the smaller our world seems to us not only because we studied geography at school but due to airplanes, satellite TV and the Internet. We knew of war conflicts and political games, of ecological problems and ozone holes as well as of many other alarming things about our planet and such knowledge doesn’t help us to see that the world becomes more harmonious and mankind is getting any happier then ever before.

And meanwhile almost every living person continues to build his own inner world – putting together his experiences and ideas, his happy and sorrowful impressions, his accomplished dreams or lost illusions – and builds his mosaic or make a wreath of his life...

And, unfortunately, when that work is almost finished and he can look at it carefully and see how beautiful and wise it looks – he has so little time to see his masterpiece or he is just too tired of it.
And it has been going on for centuries and centuries and will be hardly changed in the future.