My "Just So" Pumpkin Story

 Once upon a time I was walking, walking, walking through the forest when something caught my eye. It was a bright, orange, round thing in the green grass. At first, I thought it was an orange, but when I went closer, I realize that it was a nice small pumpkin.
Suddenly, it started getting bigger and bigger, and after a while I could see the huge pumpkin twice as high as I was. It was very, very strange, indeed. I had never seen such a huge pumpkin in my life, so I was very surprised. I couldn't believe my eyes! But how great my astonishment was, when I heard a voice: "All aboard! The balloon is ready to fly!" And then I realized that it was a large air balloon with a straw basket under the pumpkin!
I jumped into the basket just in time, because the balloon began to go up higher and higher. Soon it was much higher than tree tops of the forest. It was so exciting and interesting! It was so new for me, that I really enjoyed myself looking around.

But suddenly I heard the same voice: "Do you have a ticket?" 
- "No," I answered. "I didn't know about it or where I could get one in the forest." - "Flying without tickets is strictly prohibited," said the voice. 
- "But what can I do now?" - "I don't know. You must get out of the basket immediately!"

I started getting worried because I had never sky dived, but what could I do?  - "Where can I get my parachute, then?" I asked. 
- "We have none at the moment," said the voice. "You must leave now!" 
- "What a nice surprise," I thought pretending not to be afraid.

-"Can I help you?" asked a little voice. I turned around and saw a tiny green caterpillar that was sitting on the side of the basket on my right.
- "By the way, my name is Joel", he said. - "But friends call me El, for short. You may call me El, too." 
- "Hi, El," I said. - "Nice to meet you here. But what can you, little caterpillar, do for me in this case?" I added in a sad voice.
- "I can make a hole in the pumpkin, you know. The air will get out and our balloon will go down."
Our balloon was pretty beautiful, but what else could we do about my problem?
"Please, El, make a hole, but hurry up!"

Five minutes later the hole was ready, and down we went! I was happy because I had never flown by myself. And just to think: I was saved by a little caterpillar with the name Joel, El for short! It was difficult to believe, but it was true!
Finally, after a long way down, we reached the ground. When we landed, I put my new friend into my pocket and we went home quickly because it was just tea-time.